Tips for Hiding Hard Drive Drive

Tips for Hiding Hard Drive Drive 

Data is very important so that everyone who has data will always try to keep the data they hold safe from interference from ignorant hands. Moreover, the data is confidential data.
There are many ways to secure data so that it is not easily found by other computer users. For example, if there are data in the form of photographs or documents specifically for adults that are not appropriate to be Cara Menghilangkan Watermark logo bandicam shown to children, surely they must hide it so that it is not easily found by children. The father’s laptop can certainly be used by his children, but of course there are limits, so that the father’s secrets are not revealed.

The method that is often used is to protect files or folders by giving a password but this way is still very troublesome because every time you open a file or folder you must be busy by typing the password.
The following is one way to avoid the reach of children from secret files so as not to be consumed by children.

Follow these steps to hide one of the hard disk drives.

Before hiding the drive it is recommended to make a special drive to store files that are considered confidential, which later the drive will be hidden for example the drive is drive D: >
Suppose that the computer has 3 drives such as drive A (diskette), drive C (hard disk C) and drive D (hard disk D)
Of the three drives above that want to be hidden is drive D (drive D).

The way is as follows:

Click the Start-Run menu and type gpedit.msc and press ENTER or click OK.
Click the + (plus) sign to the left of User Configuration
Click the + sign to the left of the Administrative Templates
Click the + sign on the left of Windows Components
Klik Windows Explorer
Klik dua kali Hide thesive specified drives in My Computer
On the Settings tab select Enable
Click OK

Close Windows Explorer and refresh or restart your computer and reopen windows explorer, then the hidden dive will not be visible.

Even if the drive file is not visible but to open the drive is not difficult because only by typing D: then press ENTER then drive D will appear.
Some tips from this blog to hide the drive and hopefully useful.

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