Difference between Intel Core i3 * i5 * and i7

Difference between Intel Core i3 * i5 * and i7 

Intel Core i7

Core i7 itself is the first processor with “Nehalem” technology. Nehalem uses a new platform that is completely different from the previous generation. One of them is integrating the MCH chipset directly in the processor * not the motherboard. Nehalem also changes the FSB function to become a more revolutionary QPI (Quick Path Interconnect).

Intel Core i5

If Bloomfield is the codename for Core i7 then Lynnfield is the codename for Core i5. Core i5 is a series of values ​​from Core i7 that will run on Intel’s new socket ie LGA-1156 socket. Interested as soon as you heard the word value ? Right! The Core i5 will be marketed at a price of around US $ 186.

The advantage of this Core i5 is the embedded function of the Northbridge chipset in the core processor (known as the MCH on the motherboard). Then the Core i5 motherboard that will use the Intel P55 chipset (in the mainstream class) will look vacant without the presence of the Northbridge chipset. If the Core i7 uses Triple Channel DDR 3 * then the Core i5 only uses Dual Channel DDR 3. The use of power is also reduced to 95 Watt. This P55 chipset supports Triple Graphic Cards (3x) with 1 × 16 PCI-E slots and 2 × 8 PCI-E slots. In the Core i5 cache it remains the same * that is 8 MB L3 cache.

Intel also launched Clarksfield *, the mobile version of the Core i5 intended for notebooks. The socket that will be used is mPGA-989 and requires a fairly small power of 45-55 Watt.

Intel Core i3

Intel Core i3 is the most value variant compared to the other two siblings. This processor will integrate GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) aka Graphics On-board in the processor. The graphics capability is claimed to be the same as Intel GMA on the G45 chipset. In addition, Core i3 will use hybrid manufacturing * processor core with 32nm * while memory controller / graphics use 45nm. The code for the Core i3 product is “Arrandale”.

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