How to Overcome Striped and Blocked Ink Results?

Solution for Striped and Ink-Blocked Print Results 

Usually the disease that often occurs in the printer after the use and refilling of ink injector printer that is the print / print striped and ink can not come out or deadlock. The problem is due to lack of attention to the state of the printer head and indeed we as users / users of the printer can only do printing activities without knowing how to overcome the problems that occur. For this reason, you must learn to repair it yourself or overcome the printed results that are striped and ink does not come out to save your pocket money.

 Usually the disease that often occurs in Solutions for Striped Print Results and Blocked Ink

How to Overcome Striped and Blocked Ink Results?

The best way to get the print is not striped and the ink is easy to come out by cleaning the printer head. How to clean Head Printer is:

1. Remove the printer head and cartridge, then separate the ink cartridge from the head.

2. Use “Solvent” fluids (buy at a computer shop) for head cleaners and shed dry and frozen ink.

3. Clean the nozzle head with solvent liquid or contact head with a pencil / pencil eraser if it looks dirty.

4. If it’s clean, then put the printer head and cartridge back on the printer and test for printing.


Do not do cleaning by giving hot water to the cartridge (because the ink and head become a single unit) to vaporize the jammed ink tank / dry because instead the water will enter the ink tank because of the pressure difference.

Please try how to overcome the printed and striped print results that do not come out like the discussion above, hopefully useful.

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