Success begins with necessity

Success begins with necessity 

I am sure almost everyone has the goal of having a lot of money. However, even though they all want it, why don’t they get it? The simple answer is because what they want is not something “must” (MUST), but only a desire (WISH). The Champion really understands that if he wants something, it must be done by thinking MUST (MUST). With this way of thinking, he has no choice but toachieve what he wants. With the push of MUST, the mind will use different ways of thinking to achieve it. With a way of thinking MUST, he will look for all kinds of ways to take whatever action to achieve it. Often this MUST is what can generate a big “giant” in us. Begin now to be serious about what you are aspiring to, make sure that you MUST achieve it there is no other choice.

When we want to finish a job, sometimes there are obstacles or obstacles that often interfere with the stage of completion of a job. For example, after a few months of blogging, in March 2019 I saw how my posts were only 4 articles / month so little that I made a deadline of my own where I wanted to routinely at least twice a week MUST post this blog, but sometimes the situation doesn’t support for some reason, have experienced damage due to a computer being unable to access windows, or due to a virus that resulted in data being lost until it had to be reinstalled, offline work that also took time, etc. so that I post that the plan must done at least 2 times a week will not be realized. 

But after I thought that everything was a MUST by giving a little injection of Motivation to myself that if I didn’t do this, then this blog was not rich in content while Google Loves Content . Really will feel uncomfortable if my blog is content-poor. Even if compared with other masters, it is very far because they can post at least 1 article per day and some up to 5 articles per day, but at least this target should be achieved.remember still dividing the time with Offline work. My commitment to challenge myself everyday makes me think and take action to complete this work. Finally with such a commitment, I can post at least 2 times a week and a month means that 8 posts cannot be less, the results after I evaluate, the target is fulfilled. 

It’s just a small example, in any other job it might not be much different and will succeed if you apply the principle MUST . If we are serious about getting things done, commit and make decisions that you can’t pull back.


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