Tips for Using Instagram for Marketing Ecommerce

The Instagram photo-sharing application is now increasingly popular and is in a phase of transition between personal and business users. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, Instagram does not offer special features for businesses.

Even so, many retailers continue to use Instagram as one of their marketing strategies. Recently, Instagram announced that there are more than 300 million users. A report from the digital research firm L2 found that almost 93 percent of big brands must have Instagram channels.

The use of Instagram is also not limited to just big brands, many small brands use Instagram to increase their sales.

Here are 6 tips for using Instagram for e-commerce marketing.

1. Integrate Instagram photos to the e-commerce website

To integrate Instagram with ecommerce websites, we can use third-party services like Websta. Websta allows us to display Instagram photos on the website. In addition, this tool also auto followers instagram groups images into Pinterest-style boards, which are useful for managing products according to categories.

2. Sell products through Instagram

On Instagram we cannot insert hyperlinks with images. This is indeed a little difficult for merchants to create links that can be directly clicked on directly to the product page on the website. But with the help of third party applications such as Soldsie, Inselly, Instaorders, and 10Sec, we can make Instagram a sales channel.

3. Create a lifestyle photo

A creative way to display products is to use a lifestyle photo, which is a photo that is made to resemble everyday life. This is a technique that is widely used by leading brands because it will give customers an idea of ​​how to use / utilize the product.

4. Create a contest

Contests are a fairly popular way to engage users with social media platforms, including Instagram.

For example, we can make a photo contest for certain themes. Don’t forget to always include specific hashtags in each campaign.

5. Promote new products

We can also use Instagram to promote new products. With a few good photography techniques we can make interesting product photos. Don’t forget to direct the product photo to the website product page.

6. Use Instagram videos

Now Instagram supports video content. We can make videos of short duration. For example product videos, entertainment videos, or informative videos (tips and tricks). So don’t just stick to photo content, but also maximize video content.

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