Should Get a Truck Bed Liner

A truck bed liner plays a vital role in protecting your vehicle. However, it has the tendency to trap debris and dirt. So it is a must to regularly clean your bed liner. However, remember that the liner type affects the cleaning method to some degree.

If it is a spray-on liner or drop-in liner, usually made of rubber or polyurethane, you do not have to worry about cleaning it because the material is durable and easy to clean. For a truck bed mat, a basic type of liner, it should be removed first before cleaning, and the bed itself needs to be cleaned also before placing the liner back.

Different Types of Liners

Even though a spray-on bed liner is the right choice, it’s still important to explore the other types on the market. That way, you can the full picture when it comes to the world of truck bed liners.

There are many different types out there, but manufacturers offer spray-on liners and drop-in liners. Some other aftermarket liners could be carpet or rubber, and you could even make your own out of two-by-fours or plywood if you’re determined to save money. But, the manufacturer options are the way to go and spray-on liners are the best choice all around.

Spray-On Liners

A spray-on liner is exactly how it sounds: it’s a liner that’s made from a type of substance and directly sprayed onto the truck bed by an applicator. This creates an airtight seal that doesn’t allow water, dirt, salt, sand, or any other loose material to make contact with the truck bed. Spray-on liners effectively protect against rusting, corrosion, abrasion and other types of damage.

Drop-In Liners

Drop-in liners aren’t a tough concept to grasp either. Simply put, a drop-in liner is made from a form fitted plastic sheet that is placed (or dropped) into the bed. Then, it’s bolted into place. A downside to drop-in liners is that loose material can get in between the gaps left, and the bolts might loosen up overtime. Meaning the liner might rattle or shift position, creating more maintenance work for you in the long run. On the bright side, they are cheaper than spray-on liners.

Other Types of Liners

Carpet can be adhered to the metal of the truck bed as well, which creates a semi-protective surface – nice for transporting more delicate objects. Rubber can be used as a liner, too, but isn’t as effective as the hard plastic or spray-on substance. Finally, you can make your own out of wood. But, this won’t hold up nearly as well as the others mentioned, especially since it will rot overtime from rain and snow.

Benefits of a Spray-On Bed Liner

Here’s the deal: spray-on bed liners are the best ones to get. Why? For many different reasons.

For one, they’re versatile when it comes to truck bed sizes. Since the applicator doesn’t need to worry about making a drop-in liner tailored to the size of your truck bed. Instead, the applicator is able to just spray it in the bed of the truck, and cover the entire surface. Therefore, it’s easier and less time consuming for both the applicator and you.

Unlike the drop-in liners you’ll learn about in a second, spray-on bed liners won’t dislodge and shift position overtime because spray-on liners are adhered to the actual metal of the truck bed, creating a water-tight and vacuum-like seal. Also, drop-in liners are susceptible to damage overtime, like cracking or ripping (if it’s carpet). This will allow for moisture to get under the liner, and cause the truck bed to corrode (rust) overtime if not treated. Moisture can’t get underneath a spray-on bed liner because it’s airtight.

Spray-on liners are also low maintenance compared to the other types out there. That fact alone makes spray-on liners the better purchase.

Surprisingly, No Drawbacks

Shocking, right? There are no drawbacks to a spray-on bed liner. They’re just as tough (especially Rhino Lining’s liners), flexible for all truck-bed sizes and shapes, require minimal maintenance, and won’t dislodge and shift around over time.

What Brand to Pick?

Now that you’ve figured out that a spray-on liner is the way to go, it’s time to pick a brand of spray-on liner. It’s always good to pick a reputable company, with years of experience and history backing their product, no matter what you’re searching for. In the world of spray-on bed liners, that company is Rhino Lining.

The Rhino Lining company was founded in 1988, and has since developed top-quality performance polymers. These are protective coatings and products that have served the industrial, commercial, and retail market for years. Now, they have over 2,000 applicators in more than 80 countries across the globe.

They are primarily known for truck bed liners, but also make protective coatings for all branches of the military. The military’s vehicles, soldiers, buildings and more all benefit from Rhino Linings materials.

Rhino Lining’s Available Truck Bed-Liners 

While most spray-on liners provide exceptional protection, Rhino Lining’s go above and beyond. Their products don’t just provide protection against abrasion, rust, and corrosion. They also have liners that are specially designed to resist impact (preventing dents and dings if something heavy is dropped in your truck bed) and also protect against chemicals. They even have a spray-on slip resistant polymer for those looking for something with a little more grip, and these polymers can also be applied to other parts of a vehicle, like fender flares, bumpers, grilles, etc., to provide additional protection. This proves especially helpful for off-roaders, and is another huge advantage over drop-in bed liners.

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