Getting a Secure Online Loan Tips

Borrowing money is not a wrong financial decision. As long as it is used for urgent purposes or productive purposes, borrowing money will be the right financial decision.

Speaking of borrowing money, in today’s digital era, money lending providers are no longer monopolized by banks.

Because, now online loan providers based on mobile applications are very widespread. However, you need to be vigilant because not all online loan applications are secure.

Apparently, there are also many, you know, loan sharks using online loan applications that try to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Usually, these false online loan applications do not operate using the right systems and procedures, as well as interest rates and fees that are set as high as possible.

Now, to help you loans like likely loans who are looking for a secure online loan application, here are tips that you should learn.

1. Don’t Borrow If Costs and Interest Are Not Transparent

If you are borrowing funds from an online loan application, you should know that there will be no face-to-face process to discuss lending.

For that, before you decide to borrow funds, it is better to seek as much information about costs, interest and other important provisions. 

Do not let you get trapped and wrapped in high-interest debt because you do not have enough information when deciding to apply for a loan. 

2. Company Identity Clear

It’s a good idea to find out in advance the information about the company’s identity. From the simplest things, such as office address, hours of operation, or company management.

If it is difficult to obtain, you must be vigilant, Toppers. Also, pay attention to customer service, including social media or office telephone numbers.

Online loans become unsecured and can even be suspected of being illegal if they do not have a number of such simple services. 

You definitely don’t want it, if an online loan ends up being difficult? In order not to get caught up with extortionists using online loan applications, you must make sure the application you are going to use is clear.

How to make sure it’s easy. Just check that the application has a physical office or a clear contact center system. Because, usually unsecured online loans only move online, even operations are carried out abroad.

3. Compare Loan Interest with Bank Interest

Online loans usually do have a higher interest rate than the average bank interest rate. However, if the comparison is too far, you should undo your intentions, Toppers.

Just for information, the average loan interest in a bank for retail is 10%. If the online loan interest offered reaches 15% or 20%, then you should undo borrowing funds.

Remember, do not immediately be tempted by the ease of conditions and fast disbursement of funds because your loan could end up complicating. 

4. Check the Review

Another important thing that can be used as a reference whether the online loan application is safe or not is a review from the user.

If the application has a lot of negative images or gets a bad review, just cancel your intention, Toppers.

Or, even worse because the application has never been reviewed because it is not widely known. Online loan applications like this are worth avoiding.

5. Check the Legality

The last step you can take is to check the legality of the business status. Therefore, a secure online loan application must have a business license and be supervised directly by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

There you have it, Toppers 5 easy tips that you can apply before choosing an online loan application. Don’t forget, Tokopedia in cooperation with a number of money loan applications also provides online loans for Tokopedia users .

For those of you who need a fast money loan, you can apply directly in Tokopedia. Come on, hurry up! Because, this month there are interesting offers that can be profitable.

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