Tutorial on How to Sell an Ebook on the Play Store

Tutorial on How to Sell an Ebook on the Play Store – Hi everyone, I previously posted the article ” Success of Selling an Ebook on the Play Store ” and it turns out that many of my friends are asking about how to sell ebooks on the Play Store . like comments from@Dobol Dobal: “Where is the link to register ebok for me “and also the question asked by @paklik zen in the” @pop entrepreneurial comment “section, just post it step by step and most update selling books on Google Playstore.” And there are more questions- Another question, because in that post I only discussed about the details of what we can get from selling our ebooks in the Play Store, OK I’ll just give step by step how to sell ebooks in the Play Store :

1. Prepare the Ebook still in .doc format
2. Convert your Ebook file that is still in .doc format to pdf. (how to just download the word to pdf software)
3. Visit the Google Play Publisher address link at “https://play.google.com/publish/”
4. Then buddy click on the image book as shown below:

5. Then you can sign with your Google account if you don’t have an account, you can register first.6. You can fill your data in each form column.7. After that, you will be taken to the privacy page. buddy immediately check only, after that continue to the next page.8. Not finished up here because there is still a form that is mandatory, you fill it in, just fill in the form.

9. After Step 8 is complete, on this page you can upload an ebook. Wait a minute, before you sell an ebook, you have to determine what the payment is for. You can simply click on the payment center menu, then you specify what the payment method is.

10. When finished, you then click book catalog, select add book, and after that, you complete the ebook description form, from the title of the ebook, the price of the ebook, uploading the pdf file, and finally you can upload a special column or thumbnail for the cover in the play store.


Previously, Google Play Publisher was closing the ebook publisher registration. But now Google has reopened the ebook publishing list in Play Store, follow the latest method.
The latest update,  step by step  how to sell ebooks on the play store  :

How to Sell an Ebook on Playstore

Full steps

  1. Open  play.google.com/books/publish  and sign in using an existing Google Account, or create a new account.
  2. Provide account details and contact information, then click  Continue .
  3. Review the Google Books Terms and Conditions and the Google eBook Addendum. (This can be displayed to you in the form of a single combined document, the Google Books Agreement and Google Play). If you agree to these terms, indicate them with the appropriate choice.
  4. Click  Continue .
  5. Good luck.

Thank you for visiting. May be useful!

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