Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

One of the most popular editions of Windows is Windows 7, although it has been replaced with Windows 8 and 10 but there are still many people who use Windows 7. If you have used Windows 7, you should have seen people who use different versions of Windows 7 with laptops / your computer.

For example buy windows 7 ultimate when booting, Windows 7 will display a boot animation after that displays the Welcome message  and usually at the bottom will be shown an edition of Windows 7 that is used like Ultimate, Home Professional. Windows 7 actually has 6 different editions, and of the 6 editions of course there are differences, let’s look at the differences below.

Windows 7 Starter

Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

This edition of Windows 7 is usually sold with a notebook. This is because Windows 7 Starter is suitable for running on a notebook because it consumes little resources. Because it uses few resources, of course this version of Windows 7 is the lightest and cheapest of all versions of Windows 7.

But this edition of Windows 7 Starter comes with features reduced from the version of Windows 7 on it. Features that are reduced include the like.

  • Cannot change wallpaper.
  • Not equipped with Aero Theme .
  • Only present in 32-bit versions.
  • There is no Internet Connection Sharing.
  • Maximum RAM of 2GB (32-bit).
  • Not equipped with Encrypting File System  and BitLocker features .
  • Reduced tool ( Chess Titans, Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes ).

Not only that, initially the Starter edition was limited to only running 3 programs at a time, but Microsoft has removed this limitation, the limitation now is memory.
Windows 7 Starter is sold at a price of around US $ 62 or around Rp.850,000.
Windows 7  Home Basic

Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

This edition of Windows 7 was once restricted so that it was not sold to several countries, so if we activate it in a country that is not included, Windows 7 cannot be activated, except for pirated Windows 7 Home Basic. Home Basic is one level above the Starter, and one level below Home Premium, more precisely this is an economical version of Home Premium and is suitable for those of you who just want the basic features of Windows 7. Home Basic is almost the same as a starter, but in the Home Basic edition There are several features added as follows.

  • Equipped with  Windows Standard UI  and Live Taskbar Preview .
  • There is already an Internet Connection Sharing and Network Bridge .
  • Multiple monitors.
  • Fast user switching.
  • Maximum 8GB RAM (64-bit).

Windows 7 Home Basic is sold at a price of around US $ 100.

Windows 7  Home Premium

Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

Windows 7 Home Premium has all the features available in Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic and of course with additional features as well. Home Basic users will usually upgrade their OS to Home Premium because of its more features and it doesn’t cost much to upgrade from Basic to Premium.
Home Premium has additional features as below.

  • There is already an Aero Glass GUI .
  • Equipped with Multi-Touch Support .
  • Can already make Homegroup on LAN.
  • 16GB RAM (64-bit) maximum RAM.
  • Coupled with Premium games  like Chess Titans, Internet Spade.
  • Mobility Center (can be opened by pressing the Windows+ buttonX

Windows 7 Home Premium is sold at a price of around US $ 125.

Windows 7  Professional

Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

This edition has been sold worldwide, especially on laptops and retail. Windows 7 Professional has features that are owned by Home Premium, but added with several features related to network and data security. This edition of Windows 7 is targeted at people who have small businesses, schools, and also people who often work at home.

As explained above, that Windows 7 Professional has features added, but not only that, there are still many features added to this edition, among others.

  • Can join the Windows Server domain .
  • 192 GB (64-bit) RAM maximum.
  • Can be a Remote Desktop  server.
  • Backup using an existing hard disk on the network.
  • Encrypting File System.
  • Presentation Mode.
  • Applocker.
  • Windows XP Mode.

Windows 7 Professional is sold at a price of around US $ 160.
Windows 7  Enterprise

Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

Windows 7 Enterprise is not sold to the public and is not available in retail form, but only sold to organizations or businesses through Microsoft Software Assurance. This edition has all the features possessed by Windows 7 Professional plus some more network and security features.
Features added to Windows 7 Enterprise include.

  • Equipped with BitLocker  (to encrypt data on the hard disk or on the flash).
  • BitLocker To Go.
  • DirectAccess  (to connect to office networks without using VPN).
  • BranchCache (to speed up data retrieval from the office intranet, while saving on intranet bandwidth).

Windows 7  Ultimate

Difference between Windows 7 Starter and Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate actually has the same features as Windows 7 Enterprise , but the difference Ultimate is intended for individuals and not for businesses or companies, more precisely this is the home version of Windows 7 Enterprise. Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise also has all the features of Windows 7 and is Windows 7 at the top.

There is such a price, because Windows 7 Ultimate has the most features, then the price is definitely more expensive than all editions of Windows 7. Windows 7 Ultimate is sold at a price of around US $ 210.
Now you know the difference from all editions of Windows 7, so if you later want to buy an edition of Windows 7, buy it with your daily needs. If you are using a low specification computer, I recommend using the Starter edition, and if the cost and specifications of the computer are sufficient, you can immediately buy the Ultimate edition.

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