What are the Benefits of AI Technology in Today’s Cellphones?

Many of the latest smartphone releases have been enhanced with artificial intelligence  (AI) tech features. Call it the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, Huawei Mate series, and iPhone X.  Not only present in the high-end class but AI technology is also targeting middle-class smartphones such as duo Vivo V7 or Oppo F5. Some AI technologies are embedded in

smartphones in 2017, such as facial recognition biometrics , augmented reality , machine learning , and so on. The trend of AI technology on smartphones is likely to continue to develop in 2018. Then, what are the uses of AI technology for smartphones? The following summary is reported by KompasTekno !

1. The cellphone camera is better at detecting objects

The presence of AI in mobile cameras increasingly makes smartphone camera innovations stretch every year. With AI, the smartphone camera interface can detect objects in photo frames, be it landscapes taken or objects of interest with sharper detail. AI is also able to improve the quality of bokeh photos that previously could only be produced through digital cameras. AI system can recognize facial features with facial recognition technology .

2. Real-time  translators  without the Internet

Some translator applications are able to translate text, images, videos, and sounds in  real-time  or at that time, even though they still have to be supported by an internet connection. With AI, the mtn translation process will be done  offline , as is done by the iTranslate application which is able to translate into certain languages.

3. Assist daily tasks

AI systems are designed to learn and adapt every time they are used. AI in  smartphones  will study usage patterns by the user, then apply it in everyday use. For example, such as disabling ringtones, activating bluetooth, or closing applications that run in the  background  every few hours.

4. Face scanner

When Apple was first introduced, Face ID technology on the iPhone X caused skepticism. Especially for iPhone lovers who feel safer using Touch ID on iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 Plus. Apple also argues that the Face ID on iPhone X scans with a “TrueDepth” camera that uses 30,000 infrared dots, and 2D infrared images to map facial contours. This technology is also present in several other smartphone vendors with different names. Call it Face Unlock embedded in several lines of smartphones such as the LG Q6, Vivo V7, or OnePlus 5T. Reportedly Huawei will also continue the Face ID trend in its products. Face scanner or facial recognition is also able to recognize the owner of the face only from photographs. On some smartphones that feature selfie features like Oppo F5, beauty recognition is able to recognize skin type, skin color,

5. Voice assistant

Some digital assistants who are able to receive voice commands, have appeared on several flagship smartphones. We know Siri, Cortana, Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant a few years back. Digital assistants are able to respond to the voice to perform several tasks such as answering short messages, playing songs, or reading news content. Reporting from The Next Web, AI technology in voice assistants will become an indisputable trend throughout 2018.

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