Ways to Clean the Right Gold

Want to know tips on cleaning gold? Gold is one of the jewels that can support your appearance so that it shines more, therefore you must find out some tips on cleaning gold. A brilliant golden luster will increasingly make your aura radiate and give the appearance of an elegant appearance.

However, gold that is continuously used for a long time without being cleaned will cause the gold luster to become dull. The appearance of dull gold is certainly very disturbing and unsightly to the eye, making you want to sell it and then buy another new gold.

However, you don’t need to buy new gold because even old, dull gold can กล้องส่องพระ Zeiss sparkle if you clean it the right way. Did you know that gold with normal use can accumulate dirt and dust? If gold is used occasionally it can look dirty, especially if you wear it continuously.

Therefore, you have to clean gold regularly to avoid dirt and dust so that, even the golden luster still looks beautiful and bright. Although gold cannot be blackened like silver but, on gold metal dust can easily stick.

Tips for Cleaning Gold

There are several ways to make your gold always sparkle. Clean the gold must be done in the right way and right so that gold does not become damaged. How to clean gold that is widely circulated today can actually damage and even make gold crack. One example is tips on cleaning gold with toothpaste.

Toothpaste contains substances in the form of abrasive material to clean corals. These substances are substances that can scratch the gold layer on rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If the jewelry has been scratched, it will cause defects in gold that are difficult to repair. Therefore, you must know the safe tips for cleaning gold.

Clean gold regularly, can also cause benefits. In addition to the sparkle of gold becoming more sparkling, you can also know whether the gold is authentic or not. Gold that always looks sparkling, will also make your appearance sparkle too. For that, see some gold cleaning tips in this article.

With Dish Washing Soap and Warm Water

The easiest way to clean gold is to clean gold with warm water mixed with dish soap. This method is a powerful way that can remove dust that sticks between the rings. Sometimes cleaning the ring by wiping it with a soft cloth, cannot clean optimally. Therefore, try to soak gold in a solution containing warm water and soap.

However, do not let you soak it in boiling water or hot water. Because it can make cracked gold surfaces, especially gold that contains fragile precious stones like opal. Cleaning by soaking gold with warm water and soap can help remove dust and dirt on the ring on the part that is difficult to reach by the fingers.

Soak the jewelry for five minutes to remove the dust that is attached and then dry it with a soft textured cloth. After that, the golden luster you have will shine again perfectly. Tips on cleaning the gold by soaking like this are recommended to be done routinely after a day of activities. So that the sweat that sticks can be immediately cleaned so that, does not cause spots on gold.

Clean with Ammonia
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Ammonia is a type of chemical compound that has a taste like an alkali metal and soap. Besides that, ammonia also has a very sharp aroma. I was so sharp, when inhaled will make the eyes feel sore and tears.

However, the chemical compound known as the NH₃ formula is one of the effective gold cleaning tips so that gold returns to sparkle as before. How to clean gold with ammonia is to take a glass of water and then mix with a little ammonia. Enter the gold you want to clean, then let stand for one minute.

After settling for one minute, immediately lift the gold jewelry by using tweezers then, rinse with clean water. After that, dry the gold with a soft cloth. Do not soak gold with ammonia solution for too long. Ammonia is corrosive so it can cause rust if it is soaked for too long.

Clean with Tweezers

Tips on cleaning gold for you who have gold with various motifs or engraving, you can clean it using tweezers. Sometimes without you knowing, a lot of dirt is stuck between the carvings and motifs on gold.

Fortunately, cleaning tucked dirt can not be only using water or rubbed with a soft cloth. You must remove the dirt with the help of tweezers slowly. However, if you do not have tweezers, you can remove the dirt with thin sharp objects such as sewing needles or pins.

Cleaning with Alcohol

If you have gold with stubborn and stubborn dirt, tips on cleaning the right gold is to use alcohol. Alcohol can remove traces of fat left on the gold ring.

When you eat using your hands and there is dirt in the form of fat that sticks, usually the fat will stick for days and it’s hard to clean with plain water. With gold alcohol will shine again. However, you must be careful in cleaning gold with alcohol. Sometimes there is gold decorated with accessories made from other than gold.

If in the jewelry section there is only gold material, you can immediately soak it in alcohol for two minutes then brush. If there are other ingredients in gold such as gemstones or other, you should use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol, then rub gently on the dirty gold.

With Baking Soda and Vinegar

Tips for cleaning the next gold is to use baking soda and vinegar. You can polish back gold so it looks sparkling like new. Take one glass of warm water, then add baking soda.

After that, soak the gold with baking soda for two minutes later, remove from heat and dry. After you dry the gold with a soft cloth, pour two drops of vinegar into the gold. Then rinse the gold with plain water and dry it. After performing this ritual, guaranteed gold you have will return sparkling beautiful and charming.

However, if gold has ornaments in the form of gemstones or pearls, don’t use baking soda and vinegar to polish it. Because, it can damage the surface of gemstones and pearls and loosen glue.

Wash Back in the Gold Shop
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Tips for cleaning the last of the safest and most trusted gold is to re-wash directly at the gold shop. This is the last resort you can do if you are worried about cleaning it yourself.

Especially if the gold you have has started to fade. Bringing to the store directly is the most appropriate choice. However, you do not need to worry if the gold color has begun to fade because, it will not reduce the value of the gold. You just have to re-wash to the gold shop and your gold sparkle will shine again.

V & Co. Jewelery also accepts gold washing services such as wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets and other gold jewelry. In fact, the Wedding Ring Shop located in Melawai Plaza and Cikini Gold Center provides free gold washing for those of you who have bought gold jewelry there!

Those are some easy and practical gold cleaning tips. You can apply these methods to yellow gold, white gold and also imitation gold. However, before gold looks dirty, faded, or even defects from being scratched, you better prevent it from the first time you buy gold. When you decide to buy gold, take care of the gold properly.

Because, gold is an item that is purchased at a cost that is not small. Therefore, store gold nicely. So that the golden luster remains durable and maintained clean. Save each gold in a different bag, One bag for one piece of jewelry so that the jewelry you have isn’t easily scratched with other pieces of jewelry. In addition, cleanliness is also maintained and sparkle still looks beautiful and shining.

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