Causes of Adsense Blogs Not Received Which Is Often Forgotten

One source of income that can be obtained from the internet is from Google Adsense. In order to get money from Google Adsense the way that can be done is to monetize from a blog. Unfortunately not all blogs can always get the How To Solve Hummingbirds Algorithm chance to be approved by Google for monetization. The reason blogs are not accepted by Adsense can be caused by many reasons.

Actually the thing that underlies a blog is not accepted by Google Adsense, because the registered blog does not fulfill the terms and conditions of a blog that can be monetized. Therefore it is important to read and study the shortcomings on our blog. Then what are the causes of blogs not received by Adsense? Following the review.

Cause Blogs Not Received Adsense

1. Cause Blogs Are Not Received Adsense Because Blog Age is Still New

The reason the first blog was not accepted by Adsense might be due to the age of the new blog. The age of a new blog here does not mean that the age of a blog that is made is too early, but rather how strong the posts in the blog can be indicated by search engines. Many bloggers whose blog age is not up to one year but are able to compete with blogs that first on the first page of search engines.

This is because the quantity and quality of blog posts that are credible and within the limits of the Google Adsense monetization provisions. This achievement cannot be obtained in an easy way. Of course you should be more active and try harder to make useful posts.

2. Blog Content Is Copypaste Results

copy paste

A work does have a copyright. Similarly, the writings in the form of articles in a blog that is made by yourself is also a work that has copyright. If the blog that we build is the result of copypaste of another blog then this could be the reason that the blog isn’t received by Adsense.

Although Google Adesnse is a system that works digitally, Google still remains selective in choosing competent publishers to be able to monetize their blogs. The bloggers who want to work hard who can get the chance to blog to be able to make money. Therefore to be able to make money from blogs, create original content without copypaste from other blogs.

3. Because Blogs Are Indicated as Spam

Blog spam is a blog in which there are many outgoing links that refer to sites that are not obscene, pirated application download sites and various sites that are not recommended by Google. Usually this spam blog category is difficult to accept because the name of the blog will be directly blacklisted by Google Adsense. thus the next monetization submission will be more difficult and has the potential to always fail.

4. Download pirated application content

pirated software

If you have a blog that allows users to download files from your blog, be careful because your blog could have been denied Adsense because the pirated content is pirated. Just like blogs that indicate spam, types of blogs with pirated application download content usually direct visitors to sites that are unnatural and not recommended by Google. No wonder if this type of blog is difficult to be accepted by Google Adsense.

5. Irregular Blog Navigation

Blog navigation is a list of menus made according to the label on the blog post. These menus are made to make it easy for visitors to choose the desired blog content category. Although it seems trivial, but this point can cause your blog to always fail to be accepted by Adsense.

So all you have to do is make navigation that can make it easier for visitors. Some navigation that you need to make such as a profile menu that explains your blog information, a disclaimer and privacy police menu about your blog, and a sitemap or table of contents menu.

6. Cause Blogs Are Not Received Adsense Because of Problems with Blog Content

The problem with the content of this blog is one of the factors why the blog is not accepted by Adsense which is rarely realized. Many beginner bloggers who feel they have made many articles or content separately for their blogs, but still the monetization submission is also not accepted by Google.

This problem could be caused by problems with the content that you created. Some of these problems such as articles that are lacking in quality and in-depth, there are articles that are cut off, articles that are written too short, articles do not have the attraction of readers and problems in other content.

The solution to this problem is that you should choose an article theme that is useful for the reader and avoid using excessive language. Use a good and correct EYD but delivery remains relaxed. That way the article you make is easily understood by readers.

Keep in mind that the experience of submitting a blog to be accepted by Google Adsense is different for everyone. This depends on the problem on each blog. So that expectations are not higher than reality then you should not be too hopeful to be able to get money from blogs. Make good and useful writings for many people. The better and more useful the more readers who visit your blog. If so, chances are your blog can be accepted by Google Adsense.

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